The art of being disgraceful


Hello there, I’m DisGrace Jones, rum drinking pirate of the seas of West Yorkshire and former skater with Leeds Roller Dolls. I originally created this blog to chart my progress as a skater but that’s gone up the swannee for now after knee surgery and life intervened. So instead there’s talk of tool-time with my beloved whip ‘Custard’ AKA The Custard Cream dream Machine - tales of driving off with brand new spanners left under the bonnet, temper tantrums in the pit, snapped off spark plugs, and lashings of swarfega.

The truth is, like every other underwhelming over sharing blogger out there I fancy myself as a latter day Pepys, documenting the trivialities of life. Besides, I’ve got to have somewhere to sell my ebooks.

Enjoy my blog sweeties.



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